1957 - re-tuning  and re-hanging of Chiseldon Bells
Tenor - 1667
No. 2 - 1652
No. 4 - 1613
No. 3 - 1610
Treble 1937,
No.. 5 - is undated, but pre.1400
In February 1957 the bells were taken down for re-tuning.
From the tower records: On Saturday the 15th June 1957 was held the re-dedication of the Bells by the Archdeacon of Wilts, the Rev.C.A. Plaxton.  The Bells had been tuned, and rehung in a new Iron Frame on ball bearings, by Messrs Taylor & Co of Loughborough, at a cost of 699.  Also a new Floor beneath the Bells, had been erected by Mr.H.A.Archer  Also a new Stairway had been erected, to replace the ladder leading to the Ringing Loft.  The Stairway was presented by Mr A. Bryant, and erected by Messrs J & K Court.
modified 27 January 2008